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Feb 21, 2017

Good Clear Fundraising provides a valuable chance for schools, churches, youth running organizations & non-profit companies to raise resources having an item that matches a need for every home. New fundraiser or fundraisers account that could want to be laundry soap fundraiser create if you're able to please post our contact details. We are sure to clarify for them the things they can't to selling products under trademarks do in regards and what the products are they do not own. The Wave is created differently as opposed to National Tide and also you mightn't want it. Allow buyer be educated.

Obviously G&H won't tell you that their merchandise has been bought in this way and most surely anyone marketing it as the name brand ought to be shutdown since that's a nono (and waste shame for the ones who are marketing real fakes) but there are certainly 5-gallon buckets of wave and gain boating for pennies around the money of what you are paying in the stores.

One of the corporations promoting detergent for fundraiser is Good Clean Fundraising (or 800-680-3775). I'll search for different companies doing this (if you can find any businesses) and post an update for individuals who need to pursue this like a fundraiser option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has identified Wave (powdered, not liquid) in five-gallon containers imported from Vietnam being sold in Houston.